CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's school time: come drink the juice kids!

There are surprises that have hit me along the path as I've just finished week 10 at school.  One of them crept up on me during our first six weeks in Design.  I saw one or two people taking energy drink shots, a few more tapping their legs like crazy and thought... ok, good for you, you've found something that works... or not.

Well week 7 rolls around and we all graduate into Technical.  Different educators = different game.  "Ok people - go get your *Rock Stars* - your *Five Hour Energy* or *Red Bull* - we've got some work to do!!! Next day: come with your (see above list) and be here on time!  Next break - go get another one people - hurry it up!

I gotta tell ya.  Energy drinks have not appealed to me and they still don't, but these educators are awfully convincing.  However, I have not seen any behavior out of the students (who's numbers have steadily increased) that have decided to drink the juice preform at excellent levels or increased anything other than perhaps irritation and possibly aggressive behavior.  If anything, it's an interesting side note on watching a group of people migrate toward the same behavior - "everybody's doing it..."

By the way:  I've never had an energy drink and I've even decreased my caffeine intake since I've been in school!

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