CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1st week on the floor!

Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew: it's been a long week!

Our first day on the floor was Tuesday and I didn't expect to be so busy.  My first guests were people that I did not know and I think that was for the best.  I could be myself and like I've been told for weeks: be a duck.  Smooth on the top and feet scrambling under water.  Well, that's what happened.  I've found that it is a little tricky to find a balance between having your guest wait a really long time when you are waiting in line for a check from your educator, my education and my guest's satisfaction.  I'm trying to strike a balance.  I have not found it yet, but hopefully through out the next several weeks I will.

So... saturday was the end of week 19 and the last day of my first week on the floor.  I get a guest with long... and I mean long hair.  Not only was it long, it was tangled like I've never seen before!  AND it was 6pm.  As a Mod 2 student, we are given 1.5 hours to complete a hair cut.  At 6pm, I've got to finish up with my guest and start cleaning up so every one can get outta there at 7pm.  I just kept thinking... how is this going to happen?  It took me around 15 minutes just to untangle her hair!  I ended up giving her a decent cut, my educator cut bangs that looked great and gave her just want she wanted.  I booked her an appointment for next week - just to make sure those bangs are working for her, the right length, etc. and made an appointment 8 weeks out, just before the holidays to ensure that she was able to get a new cut right before the holidays.  She also went home with some detangling spray for sure!  This is a prime example of how you can make it right with a guest, even when you are cutting it short on time.  Thanks to my instructor Bianca who cut section 3 with perfection and helped me send home a happy guest!  I stayed late, but ended my first week with much success!

Here's to a successful week 2 on the floor!


  1. Congratulations! I can't even imagine the stress. Do you get paid for this yet? Or is it still all in the name of education?

  2. We get tips, props for people requesting us and buying product as well as a job well done and great experience!