CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Blankie

I love my blankie. Yes. I have a blankie. I sleep with it absolutely every night. Not many people know this. If they catch me with one... it isn't the real blankie because I have it always hidden when people come over or I spend the night some where else. Craziness I know. Who else out there has a blankie? One of the books we read to Logan (2yrs) has a line that says: cozy dozy sleeping space. It shows a little boy all cuddled up with his blankie, bear and ready to get to some cozy dozy sleeping. Love it. That's how I feel. All ready for a nap and totally relaxed. It's better than a glass of wine: it's warmer and softer. Better than an anti-anxiety pill... I'm never anxious under it. Nope - I don't even have a favorite pair of pajamas or pillow or jeans. I have a favorite blankie.

I won't tell you which one... you can keep guessing next time your at my house, but it is my favorite thing in my whole house and the most private thing too. Now, I wouldn't let you see my undies, but I also wouldn't let you see my blankie unless you were in total and absolute security in the "circle of trust" - few of you are. But... oh... how I wish I could bring it out when we talk. I'll stop my lovely from talking just to get situated in my blankie. Is anyone else like this? Does any other adult need their blankie to hold them close and tight to sooth them to bed, to get though a tough conversation, to enjoy a movie more? Dam and I even snug on a very regular basis. I love it when he says... "mom, I need to snug" - ahhh snugging with my boys. Logan isn't much of a snugger, but my Damon boy sure is.

More about the blankie. When choosing a blankie for the maximum comfort you need to consider the following: softness, is it totally snug-able and feels oh-so-good on your skin? moldable: does it mold and cling to your body just right? I've tried out a few and mine is perfect for this. Size. Yes, I've tried to be a minimalist on this, but really... larger... but not too large is better. It needs to go up to your neck and down past your toes so it can totally wrap around them when it is extra cold out. Color... well I can't comment on this b/c then some of you might enter into the circle and be able to spy my blankie secret based upon my description and advice here. I will say this: knowing me... you wouldn't guess this as my blankie of choice. Another note about size: you need to decide if you are going to be sharing this blankie with another person AND if that person is an adult or child. Remember: children grow. What once fit me and a toddler... fits me and an 8 year old very differently... I do need to laugh at this point, for it was truly not part of my consideration when my relationship with my blankie started.

Ok... there is a second blankie. Yes, it is a backup blankie when say, perhaps, a child has spit up or puked on the primary blankie. And... it is the blankie I will most likely cuddle up with in front of people.

Sharing: sorry. I don't share very well. If you are cuddled up with my blankie... I will ask for it, but I will always offer something in it's place. I'm kind of polite like that.

Now, I've come to the point where I must sign off and realize I sound quite a bit like Junie B. Jones, but oh! - I must continue.

Please contact me if you would like additional information on what you should consider before starting a relationship with a blankie BECAUSE... a relationship with a blankie is one that will last a long, long time. Trust me... I have strayed and tried a few, so based on my experience and yes my relationship with my blankie, I feel the above is reliable information for the basis of a blankie-adult relationship. I have different criteria for a child's blankie... a different post all together.

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