CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today is indeed a new day!

Today there are big things on the horizon - I've worked days on end to revamp my old web site. I worked late into the night ensuring there are no grammatical errors, unlinked-links... now the exciting part: post to Facebook and see what comes of it... I can check my counts like a crazy woman to see who looks, who becomes a fan, who is interested... but ultimately it will be hitting my clientelle. I wanted everything in tip top shape for all the pre-show blogging for
"The One"
A premier wedding show at the Sole Repair Shop in Seattle, WA on April 18th from 3-6pm. I'll be there in person... yep - you lucky blogging, Facebook and emailing friends will be able to see me up close and personal. I'll be demonstrating crazy... well not so crazy makeup advice as well as some practical tips to get your skin in high gear before the big day.

Check out the new site: - the colors are so lovely and classic - Burnt red, black, white and shades of grey. My featured picture is of one of my favorite brides, Andrea (Ford) Waterbury.

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