CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Monday, March 28, 2011

Conversations while receiving hair services.

Ok, just gonna be real with you guys.

When you talk in a low voice while I'm doing your hair, I cannot hear you and will most likely say, ok, yes, oh yes and for sure.  Reason:  I can't hear you over 1. all the back ground noise and/or 2. the blow dryer.

Your cell phone.  I can't stop blow drying your hair to 1. talk (unless your visibly upset or having an urgent situation that can only be taken care of once I've stopped blow drying your hair).  2. Let you talk on your cell phone - I cannot tell you how many people decide to pick up their phone, not to text, but to TALK at the precise moment I am about to dry their hair.

Last weekend, I had a guest who talked so quietly, all I could get out of the conversation was: library, seattle, take walks.  SO, I decided I would make a funny joke about my overdue library books.  Ummmm... big mistake.  She immediately got upset and told me to return my library books immediately and when I ushered her to the front desk to check out she gave me strict instructions on how I need to get my library books back immediately.  She didn't leave a tip.  See what can happen when you talk quietly in a busy salon or try to talk over a blow dryer?  So, for now I think I'll just leave it to, "for sure" and "thanks for explaining that to me" - if you catch me doing that... I can't hear you.

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