CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Monday, March 28, 2011

The puppy dog lady

I had the opportunity to work the front desk one day.  Thank God.  It was a crazy, fun event that I can't wait to have repeated!

Shala, one of the main front desk gals had immediately recognized a guest as she entered GJA with her little dog.  She went up to the dog and played loving kisses and smooch, smooch - way over the top.  She later tells me that this lady will only see students who like her dog.  She has made students cry if they don't follow her exact protocol.

The student who was going to do her service was given the heads up about the guest.  She immediatly went over to the guest and did not talk to the guest, but the dog.  The dog.  The guest gave her dog food on a paper plate and threw the dog into the students arms.  She half smiles and walked back to her station.

As she reaches her station... ALL the educators come running around and kiss the dog.  Kiss the dog, while making this guest feel outta this world, because it is all about her coming to the salon WITH her dog, right?

I just had to check in and see how this was going to play out.  I made as many rounds "to the bathroom" to see how this would go down.

At one point, I saw the student standing alone with the dog... looking kind of awkward.  Another time, I saw the student, half smiling, still looking awkward with the dog in her station.  Apparently the guest had taken off a few times leaving the student to care for her dog.

The student didn't end up in tears, so I assume the service went well.

The puppy dog lady came in another day and had a service with my friend who sat near me, so I had a full on view and experience to watch the guest and her dog in action.  Boy, she was mean, really mean.  She kept telling the student to do this and that, this or that and then got on her cell phone as she was being blow dried, THEN asked the student to stop while she talked on the phone.  She kept insisitng that my fellow student kiss the dog, make out with the dog and I don't know what else.  Irritated, my friend just kept blow drying her hair and wishing the service would come to a quick end.  It eventually ended, but my friend was fried the rest of the day.

See my prior blog about Salon Phone Manners.

Catering to a dog in a professional salon environment is stupid.  I will not kiss, make out with or feed food on a paper plate to your dog.  

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