CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Technology manners in a salon...

We have been provided many, many ways to communicate though the wonderful devices we carry around with us that come in the form of a cell phone.  We can text, we can email, we can surf the web, we can facebook, take pictures and last but not least... we can talk.  Now, I am not going to get into all of the angles of cell phone manners that are now issues with society.  But, I will give you my take based on what I've seen since being on the salon floor.  

When getting your hair done - use your phone.  Just don't talk on your phone while I'm trying to blow dry your hair.  Stylists are on a strict time restraint, we cannot accommodate your casual phone conversations while we do everything we can go get you great hair and out the door and onto your next activity!  So, save the phone call, please choose to text instead. 

I try not to look at your phone while doing your hair, but I must admit - sometimes I do.  I was surprised to see a text about ME during my first week on the floor.  She was complaining about how long I was taking to do my service.  I was in MOD 2 and new on the floor, so of course I was slow!  But, this was an interesting encounter for me, as it never occurred guests would be texting about me sitting in my chair!  

I do love it when guests take their cell phone to the shampoo bowls because sometimes it takes a while to process a toner, shampoo out color and give a conditioning treatment - it keeps the guest from becoming bored and antsy. 

Another idea: go old school.  I am now placed in the middle of the salon floor - every one passes my station to get to their station.  There are pluses and minus about the location.  However, yesterday my guest didn't want a magazine, book and didn't crack out her cell phone.  She just plain people watched.  At one point she pointed out to me all the services that were being done from her vantage point and what they looked like when they walked in and her critique and opinion of how they walked out!  People watching, especially on a Saturday in the middle of a beauty school is never boring!  Next time your in, try it!

Bottom line:  enjoy your phone for all anti-boredom properties it provides.  Just don't talk while I'm blow drying your hair... 

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