CC's graduation

CC's graduation
2nd in our class to graduate

Monday, March 28, 2011

My journey with beauty school hair...

Ok, so we knew it was going to happen - a cut, a color, crazy stuff going on with the hair while in beauty school.  Ryan was hoping for crazy hair and tattoos, but that is not going to happen.  If you've seen my hair lately, you know I've gone from shoulder length blonde hair to a chin length bob and really dark.  I love it and have not regretted it since I did it.

Pre-beauty school hair
Obviously did not know how to use a flat iron or anything else for that matter - that's another blog.

I told a guest about what my hair journey had been (yes she did ask) since going to school and she looks at me and asks "So you've colored it so many times so you just had to color it black" - not quite.  I had intentionally made my hair this dark.  It was a mental challenge to explain this to her.  Not all crazy hair or funky hair while at beauty school is a mistake or irreversible.

I do plan on keeping my hair like this for some reason.  I will let some of the top layers grow out a little, but otherwise... I'm good.

This was July - November. 
 One guest told me I had "penthouse hair" - hmmmm.  It was dark, dark, dark on the bottom and really light blonde on the top with a very angled cut.

Bottom line:  
All beauty school hair change is not necessarily a bad change!

November to current  
Black bob with stacked layers.
Look like a mistake to you?  I don't think so!

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